• Dockerizing Hugo Sites

    Hugo is a great OSS project that can be used to create static sites that are based on markdown files stored in a git repository. My personal blog is created using hugo and hosted on AWS S3. I recently did some work to dockerize it and thought I’d write about it. First thing I needed to do was create a docker image with hugo installed so I can build my hugo site.
  • Jenkins Build Slave Image For Building Hugo Projects

    Overview At T-Mobile we are starting to leverage Hugo which is an OSS static site generator tool for a few marketing type of sites. We are also huge Jenkins shop and run jenkins build slaves in docker and Mesos/Marathon. We use S3 bucket for hosting content generated, cloudfront for global content delivery and route 53 for DNS. I’ve created a docker jenkins build slave image for building hugo projects in Jenkins.
  • New blog

    Why changing the blogging platform There is two main reasons why I switched hugo for blogging. Speed (No more dynamic rendering of pages based on content stored in databases) Cost Hugo gives me freedom from needing any runtimes or databases which equates to speed since the entire site is just plain old HTML generated out of markdown files. Additionally my current wordpress blog hosted on Azure with ClearDB is running out of space available for free tier and is requiring me to upgrade to paid membership.