• Using docker for dynamically provisioning jenkins build slaves and running build jobs

    Why? In Many enterprises leveraging Jenkins for running automated builds, it’s quite common to have a central team providing Jenkins and other CI/CD tools as shared service. One of the issues that you quickly run into is that each development group within enterprise may have different platforms, frameworks, tools, libraries etc and to support the needs of everyone you end up provisioning jenkins build slaves for each group installing everything a particular group needs to be able to build/run jenkins jobs on these Jenkins slave nodes.
  • Jenkins Build Slave Image For Building Hugo Projects

    Overview At T-Mobile we are starting to leverage Hugo which is an OSS static site generator tool for a few marketing type of sites. We are also huge Jenkins shop and run jenkins build slaves in docker and Mesos/Marathon. We use S3 bucket for hosting content generated, cloudfront for global content delivery and route 53 for DNS. I’ve created a docker jenkins build slave image for building hugo projects in Jenkins.