• Updates To Foodtruck Bot

    I made few enhancements over the weekend to seattle food truck bot. If you haven’t read my previous post on seattle food truck bot I suggest you head over to this link Monday - Friday update a channel in slack with food trucks available for a specific number of locations T-Mobile has multiple locations (Factoria, Bothell etc.) where we get food trucks for lunch. By automatically updating trucks for these locations we no longer need someone asking the bot to show trucks at these locations daily, Mon-Friday
  • Golang Slack Bot

    Overview These days bot development is getting so popular especially with platforms like slack and teams that most companies are now using to collaborate with teams within the company as well as external contractors and folks in external communities. I’ve been wanting to take a look at bot development for some time but never really just had a good use case until this last week. If you know me I’m a big foodie and I love the food trucks in Seattle.
  • Cloudformation template for provisioning firehose with S3 delivery

    Overview Kinesis firehose is a managed service within AWS that can be used to capture streaming data and load it into Kinesis Analytics, S3, Amazon Redshift or Amazon ElasticSearch services. I’ve published a cloudformation template that automates provisioning of all required components for Kinesis Firehose with AWS S3 delivery on your AWS account. You can find more info about the cloudformation template here One thing I should point out is one of the thing template does is it provisions a KMS key which is used to encrypt/decrypt data ingested at REST.