• New blog

    Why changing the blogging platform There is two main reasons why I switched hugo for blogging. Speed (No more dynamic rendering of pages based on content stored in databases) Cost Hugo gives me freedom from needing any runtimes or databases which equates to speed since the entire site is just plain old HTML generated out of markdown files. Additionally my current wordpress blog hosted on Azure with ClearDB is running out of space available for free tier and is requiring me to upgrade to paid membership.
  • New beginings

    It was quite strange how I ended up working at T-Mobile, I had wrapped up a contract with Microsoft in November of 2015 and was looking for the next gig when I got the opportunity to interview with T-Mobile. After my interview I never thought I would end up getting the gig because my background was in Azure and Microsoft stack and the group I interviewed with was on Java/OSS workloads and on AWS.